Wednesday, December 22, 2004


As the old year closes and the new year draws near....blah, blah, blah...LB in '04 will be signing off, for good. We tried to Lick a lot of Bush the past eight months, but that wasn't what America wanted.

Look for Stockton & Tweed's latest venture in the next week or so. If you liked LB in '04, you'll love the new stuff. It will still be that familiar, lowest common denominator, immature and inane blog that you've grown to love and admire. Updates will not be as frequent, maybe twice a week or so, but you'll have plenty to amuse yourself with at the new place.

We're keeping LB in '04 open for visitors. Feel free to come in and browse, remembering the good old days, before the darkness fell, again. Just shut the lights off and lock the door before you leave.

In the meantime, the LB in '04 Christmas Party was a huge success.

The interns enjoyed themselves

So did Stockton

Tweed made the decorations

And Tweed got all gussied up!


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