Tuesday, December 14, 2004


LB in '04 would like to thank Ben over at Blue Grass Roots (an excellent blog for national and Kentucky politics) for nominating LB in '04 for a Koufax Award. Our sense of humility prevents us from stating the obvious: clearly, we are the funniest political blog around. However, we will not point that fact (we are funnier than anyone else) out.

Nor will we whore for votes. We will not ask our readers and friends to go here to second the nomination. Or here to vote. In fact, don't even go here.

Thanks Ben. A good guy from a good blog.

Finally, a personal note from Stockton. I turned away from organized religion many years ago. I have never found a house of worship, or a faith, that made me feel comfortable, at home relaxed and joyous. However, I've recently found a church where I can worship consistent with my values and the values of LB in '04. Readers. Jesus is Lord!

Stockton's new home


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